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Memory Quilts

One of the difficult times of life is the death of a loved one. When a loved one is gone, you feel an emptiness. One way to feel comfort and give honor to your loved one is a Memory Quilt by Annie, created from their clothing. Annie would be honored to create for you a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. Choose clothing that may remind you of a vacation together, a special event, or everyday clothing you remember being worn by them.

Your memory quilt can be created to be used as a lap quilt or a wall hanging. Please specify use as the lap quilt will have a flannel back for extra coziness. Provide the clothing and Annie will take care of the rest.

NOTE: Annie uses only Moda Fabrics for the quilts she creates.  The color and design of this high-quality companion fabric is at the discretion of the quilter. We will choose a fabric that best compliments the clothing.

Please allow three to six weeks for delivery. Shipping charges are extra and will be calculated at time of order.



38 wide x 42 long.      $135

All the stages in the life we live
Are made of some take and some give.
Things we have now are because of then.
Looking back to REMEMBER WHEN.
45 wide x 45 long.   $165
52 wide x 52 long.   $195
Moments in life that were simple and small
Are now our treasures when we stop to recall. 
All we experience is what grows to be
All the past are PIECES OF ME.